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B.P. 234 Nunue, Bora Bora, Polynésie Française

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You'll have a great day!

Click to enlarge image!Tupuna Safari 4x4's comfortable Range Rover 4x4's will take you on a tour of Bora Bora you will never forget.

Approximately 3 hours in length, our tours circumnavigate the entire paved road system of the island of Bora Bora as well as many parts of the island you can ONLY see from the back roads.

Our professional guides are locals who know Bora Bora well and will show you the island from a different perspective...

Panoramic Views...

We take you to several viewpoints throughout the island showing you fantastic panoramic views of our famous Island!

The colors of the lagoon backdropped by Bora Bora's magnificent cliff walls will amaze you.  Mount Otemanu, the highest point on the island, always impresses... and you can easily see the nearby islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, and Tupai.

Learn about Bora Bora's History and Culture...

All our guides are locals. Many have lived on Bora Bora most of their lives. This will become obvious as you spend some time with them... All are interesting characters with colorful personalities that blend into the rich Polynesian culture and spirit of the island itself... and this they are proud to share with you on your tour of their homeland.

All safari tours stop at the most interesting places on the island: World War 2 Canons, ancient maraes, white sand beaches, famous hotels, and more...

In between hearing some great local stories and asking your guides all the questions you ever wanted to know about Bora bora, you'll learn the facts, history, and politics of the island including information on its archeological features, the American occupation during Word War II, the stories behind many of its famous hotels, and many other Polynesian cultural interests!

So Let's Get Crazy!

OK. We'll admit it... Our guides like to get a little crazy now and then and have some 4x4 fun with the group...

Depending on the mutual agreements and desires of your particular tour comrades, you can get as crazy as you want in our rugged 4x4 trucks! At certain times of the year, the terrain can get a little rugged... so if you dare, hang on tight and ask your guide to show you the "gnarly spots" of the roads...

Yes, we enjoy showing our customers what our Range Rovers are capable of.  It's fun and exciting and the kind of thing even the most daring 4x4 enthusiast will relish!

After all, our trucks don't have 4 wheel drive just for dealing with bad weather... we like to use them for what they were designed for: 4 Wheelin'!

So speak your mind... ask your questions, tell us what you like... and...


Tour Price:
3 hour tour cost is
7, 600 xpf, (or approx. $80.00
US dollars/ per person.)

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Take a break at the top of the island...
Hang on!
Beautiful scenery...
Tupuna Safari 4x4

Overlook the blue lagoon of Bora bora...

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