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Moana Adventure

Moana Adventure Tours

Private tours of the Bora Bora lagoon, shark and ray snorkel safaris, glass bottom boat, deep sea fishing and more.



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BBQ Picnic !

Moana Adventure Tours Honeymoon BBQ

Enjoy a romantic picnic on the water... Truly a unique experience on Bora bora.


Watersports on Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia
There's lots of super fun water sports to do on Bora bora Island!

Like all Islands in French Polynesia, BORA BORA is a water lovers paradise!

In the famous and quite magical, multi-blue colored lagoon, are a great many watersports available for your enjoyment...

Imagine Bora Bora's lagoon as a giant, warm, crystal clear water pool and recreational playground available to all types of water lovers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

World class scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, swimming, and jetskiing are among the more popular activities, but there's also the aquasafari, waterskiing, and more. It's no wonder that many of Bora Bora's travelers come to this magical island just for the watersports alone!

This is your WATERSPORTS guide to Bora Bora. Get ready to get wet!

TST makes choosing your favorite island activity easy! If you want MORE choices, simply check out our other "To Do" pages: ISLAND FUN, ADVENTURES, RELAXATION, RECREATION, or SHOPPING, EATING & SERVICES.

Wan't more? Be sure and explore our "WHAT TO SEE" section for even more sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

Go to the Scuba Dive page now!
Scubadive Bora bora!

Scuba Diving

Scubadiving on Bora Bora is considered world class and really quite spectacular.

In fact, its such a popular and important watersport on the island that we decided to build a seperate scuba page to give the sport, the local scuba operators, and the amazing marine life of BoraBora their justice.

Check out our detailed Scuba Diving section for Bora bora now!


The amazing lagoon of Bora bora is a snorkeler's dream. This is perhaps the most popular and beloved recreational activity on the island. Snorkel fun on Bora bora!

Easy lagoon access from many locations on the island yield legendary snorkeling opportunities and the best spots are often in front of a hotel waterfront, or in places you can be easily shown by a local.

Most hotels offer snorkeling equipment for their guests, however TST recommends bringing your own gear. (See TST Comment below.)

Snorkeling is so good on Bora Bora, in fact, that some businesses make it their focus. They have taken the activity of snorkeling and turned it into an art. Through years of direct experience, they have discovered the best and most reliable spots for seeing the most species of fish, coral, etc.- and they are ready to share their secrets with you!

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Moana Adventure Tours

Lets go on a snorkel safari! Located in Pofai Bay
B.P. 220, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41, Mobile: (689) 78.27.37, Fax- (689) 67.61.26
E-MAIL & Reservations

Enjoy the finest snorkeling excursions you can imagine with our snorkel friendly staff of local islanders. We pioneered the term "snorkel safari" nearly 30 years ago on Bora bora, and we know these waters like no other tour company. Be sure and ask about our Manta Ray Tours!

In addition to these snorkeling trips, we also offer classic glass bottom boat rides, offshore fishing & trolling, picnics on a motu and, for those of you that don't want to be mixed with the crowds, our exclusive private Blue Lagoon tours.

With MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS you will find the right activity to suit your budget.

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Moana Jetboat Tours

Come snorkeling with us...B.P. 428, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
Office- (689) 67.68.10, Cell (GSM)- (689) 75.62.02

E-MAIL & Reservations

Let us show you the fantastic coral gardens of the Bora bora lagoon. Our daily jetboat tours include a snorkeling stop in the beautiful coral gardens, feeding and touching the stingrays, tasty Polynesian snacks and drinks, and more...

We'll experience all the lagoon's amazing turquoise colors and make a visit to its outer reef... We'll zip around and have fun... and we'll stop and rest at 2 different fantastic locations: the first on our private motu and the second on a fabulous strip of white sand in the middle of the lagoon!

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Bora Bora Activity CenterVisit the Bora Bora Activity Center

Located at Boutique "3 Tiki"
Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36

Get all the details now!The amazing lagoon of Bora Bora is a snorkeler's dream. Our experienced experts take you to the best spots...

You'll see lots of brilliantly colored fish in the coral gardens, and many other really cool sea creatures!

Book this activity through the Bora Bora Activity Center.

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities"


Located on Matira point
B.P. 86, Vaitape 98730 - Bora bora
Contact: Mr. Ben Heriteau
Telephone- (689) 79.22.55, Fax- (689) 67.69.36
E-MAIL & Reservations

Diveasy has developed the first interactive underwater snorkeling trail in Bora Bora.

Accessible to everyone since it only requires swim fins, a mask, and a snorkel, this educational eco-discovery tour allows you to discover the amazing wealth comprising the famous coral reef ecoysystems found throughout French Polynesia.

Diveasy's sophisticated, yet simple underwater communication system allows for an enriched diving experience by allowing your guide to give comprehensive explanations of the underwater marine life of Bora Bora. Equipped with special "communication snorkels", you’ll be able to listen to peaceful music and pre-recorded comments about the coral ecosystem while you dive...

Please see our website for all the details.

TST Comment: Snorkeling Equipment

There are many places on Bora Bora to obtain "adequate" snorkeling equipment, but we highly recommend bringing your own! The reason for this is because of the sad CONDITION of most equipment... Bring 'em if you got 'em...

Althought it's true almost all the hotels, pensions or beach huts nearby a good snorkeling spot will happily rent or lend you equipment, it's very possible that little or none of it will work or fit! The mask will leak or be too small, the fins will hurt, and the snorkels can be cheap, or tired...

For the low price of a decent new mask, fins, and snorkel, combined with relatively low space needed to carry them with you, we feel the clear waters and freedom of being able to just break out your own gear is well worth the effort!


The only place TST knows that use windsurfers on a regular basis are the larger hotels... The Moana Beach Parkroyal, The Maitai, and the Sofitel, among others. Apparently, windsurfing USED to be a bit more popular on the island, but as even as recent as 2007, TST had a hard time finding places that rent them.

If any traveler comes across a good windsurfing rental place on Bora bora, please pass along the information to us and well post it for all you windsurfing buffs out there. The lagoon SEEMS like a perfect place to windsurf to us, but we're not experts.


To all you surfing enthusiasts: you're going to have to be pretty hardcore to go surfing on Bora Bora, however, IT IS POSSIBLE (and supposedly excellent according to the few locals who do it) - at the one pass coming into the lagoon from the open ocean.

A swim from the shore would be brutal, so the locals boat out to a nearby motu, and paddle from there. TST is looking for local Bora Bora surfers who can help you experience the waves, but at the moment, can't find one willing to divulge any details. If any hardcore or exploring surfers learn any decent and accurate info on surfing Bora Bora, please let us know and we'll post the details.

Swimming (Lagoon)

Swimming the Bora Bora lagoon is certainly one of the easiest, cheapest, safest, and most popular activities available to waterlovers of all ages. The waters are warm and clear and inviting... Most people simply want to get their shorts wet in the waters near their hotel, however there are many good spots to swim around the island.
Swimming in the Bora bora lagoon is pure heaven...
Much of the the water is shallow for quite a distance from the shoreline, so, often times the biggest problem is getting into deep enough water for serious swimming! (Access to a boat gets you closer to the outer reefs faster than a long swim does- where you can get into some really interesting, deeper water, snorkeling opportunities.)

Something else that's worth noting about swimming the Bora bora lagoon are it's currents. In certain spots, usually unknown to the average vacationer, they CAN be deceptively strong as you get farther from the shoreline, so be aware and be prepared. Weak or inconfident swimmers should use caution and common sense.

Other than the currents, there really are no other concerns. There is no shark problem (in fact, no human related swimming shark encounters on record in the history of the lagoon), or other nasty sea creatures (with the exception of the occasional jellyfish), to deal with, so enjoy yourself!

Jetskiing/ Waverunners

Jetskiing and wave running are two of Bora Bora's highest adrenaline activities. Jetski Bora Bora!For those of you who know the difference, most outfitters on the island rent Waverunners and call them Jetskis.

The waverunner seems to be the craft that best suits most people's desires for exploring any island in French Polynesia, and Bora Bora's outfitters follow suit.

These machines are super fun, fast and quite stable on the water, yet allow you to turn on an edge if you're pushing them hard...  

What a fast, wet, and great way to experience the lagoon!

The following outfitters make your day of jetskiing on Bora bora unforgettable:

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Moana Jetski (& Jetboat) Tours

Jetski with us!B.P. 428, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
Office- (689) 67.68.10, Cell (GSM)- (689) 75.62.02

E-MAIL & Reservations

Monitored by a licensed jetski instructor, you will discover the lagoon of Bora bora by jet ski - safely - and without any special licenses required... Our 2 hour discovery jet ski trips around the famous lagoon of Bora bora leave daily.

We'll experience all the lagoon's amazing turquoise colors and make a visit to its outer reef... We'll zip around and have fun... and we'll stop and rest at 2 different fantastic locations: the first on our private motu and the second on a fabulous strip of white sand in the middle of the lagoon!

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Bora Bora Activity CenterLets do this!

Located at Boutique "3 Tiki"
Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36
Get all the details now!
Discover Bora Bora's lagoon the fun way! Exciting and refreshing circle island tours onboard jetskis and waverunners.

This is high adrenaline stuff for high adrenaline people who are ready to get wet and wild on their vacation.

Book this activity through the Bora Bora Activity Center.

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities"

And the rest of the listings...

Matira Jet Tours
(Matira point), P.O. Box 200- 98 730 Vaitape- Bora Bora
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 67.62.73 or (689)78.30.68
Jetski and waverunner rentals by the hour.

Moanareva Tours
(Rofau Bay), P.O. Box 790- 98 730 Vaitape- Bora Bora
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 67.60.27
Guided Jetski and waverunner tours, snorkeling, picnics on the motus, coconut tastings.

Here Miti Jet Tours
(Matira point), P.O. Box 677- 98 730 Vaitape- BORA BORA,
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 67.77.70 or (689)78.27.62, Jetski and waverunner rentals by the hour.

WaterskiingWaterski on Bora Bora

Here's a business that gets into waterskiing and wakeboarding on Bora bora:

Bora Bora Lagoona Ski
BP 438, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
Telephone (689) 73 53 77

Bora Bora Lagoona Ski gives private (half day) tours of the lagoon on request with a Malibu ski boat 310. Water skiing lessons by request and dependent on schedule.

During our day, we'll snorkel, visit the beautiful coral gardens, and much more. Private sunset cruises also possible.

Kitesurfing (Flysurfing)

The most radical new sport to hit French Polynesia in the past 50 years has to be kiteboarding. The french call it Flysurfing, and its also known as kitesurfing. It basically involves being pulled on a board similiar to a surfboard with straps, by a powerful kite.Kiteboard on Bora bora

Riders must master the wind and various techniques of boardriding as they combine the two for incredibly fast and intense rides. Huge air is possible... There are quite a few riders on Bora Bora into this sport- probably more here than any other Tahitian island other than Tahiti itself.

If you already are into kiteboarding and know what's up, definately bring your board and kites to Bora Bora!

Get more kiteboarding specifics for Bora bora here.

The winds are excellent, and (for the most part), dependable, and there's a few decent spots to launch from shore. Small surf and uncrowded conditions are the norm. Unless you're a real pro, you'll be staying within the lagoon.

Although there is no Kitesurfing school or place to rent kites or equipment on Bora bora, it's possible for beginners to get the feel for the sport by talking to the locals. One spot you'll see them on a regular basis is off Matira point.

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Snorkeling fun with Moana Jetboat!
See our site for details!
You'll have fun snorkeling with us on your jetboat tour of the Bora bora lagoon.



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Bora Bora is the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.

Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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