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BBQ Picnic !

Moana Adventure Tours Honeymoon BBQ

Enjoy a romantic picnic on the water... Truly a unique experience on Bora bora.


Moana Adventure

Moana Adventure Tours

Private tours of the Bora Bora lagoon, shark and ray snorkel safaris, glass bottom boat, deep sea fishing and more.



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Adventures on Bora bora island, French Polynesia
Experience the adventures of a lifetime on Bora bora island!

Many people come to Tahiti Polynesia "to get away from it all" and to relax.

Although Bora Bora is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful vacation, not everyone wants to merely lounge around taking in the sun and sights at such a casual pace. Some people want adventure!

Explore the interior of the island on a 4x4 safari, chase the mighty marlin on a world class deep sea fishing cruise, go parasailing, hike the tropical trails of Bora bora's interior, or check out one of Polynesia's favorite thrills- shark and ray feeding! There's lots of different adventures to experience.

This is your ADVENTURES guide to Bora Bora!

TST makes choosing your favorite island activity easy! If you want MORE choices, simply check out our other "To Do" pages: WATERSPORTS, ISLAND FUN, RELAXATION, RECREATION & GAMES, or SHOPPING, EATING & SERVICES.

Wan't more? Be sure and explore our "WHAT TO SEE" section for even more sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

4x4 Safaris

The island of Bora bora has a handful of interior roads that are only accessable to 4 wheel drive vehicles. 4x4 safaris on Bora boraThe majority of these roads were actually cut by the American military during "Operation Bobcat" in the early '40's.

One of them starts at Faanui near Vairau Bay and climbs a ridge with an excellent view of Raiatea, Tahaa, and Maupiti islands, while another follows tracks from Taihi point (on the north side of the island) and along the ridge pointing to Mt. Popoti, a well known pointed shaped mountain 249 meters high.

Amazing views of the lagoon...A few companies specialize in showing you these roads via the usage of thier specially designed Range Rovers - ready to handle any road condition, any time.

From these roads, one can get the best views of the spectacular scenery, get up close and personal with giant coastal WW II defense guns, see the lush interior tropical flora, and generally speaking, gain a whole new perspective of the island.

These excursions are usually run by knowledgable locals who will educate you about many things along the way... history, facts, useful information and usually a few good jokes. You will be entertained as well as educated. In our opinion, they are all well worth the price of the ticket.

Here are the local 4x4 businesses ready to take you on a Bora Bora 4 wheel drive safari you are sure to remember for a long time.

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Tupuna Safari 4X4

Lets have some fun... B.P. 234, Nunue- Bora Bora
Telephone- (689) 67.75.06, Fax- (689) 60.37.76
Cellphone- (689) 75.06.74, Skype: tupuna.bora

E-MAIL & Reservations

Lets go 4 wheelin! Deluxe 4x4 tours of the island. Minimum of 3, maximum of 8 passengers each.

Tupuna Safari is the oldest and most experienced 4x4 safari operator on the island and our personable local guides know how to make your day an unforgettable experience.

Please see our website for all the details.

Vavau 4x4 Adventures

See Bora bora from the back country...Based out of Matira beach - Bora Bora
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41
E-MAIL & Reservations

Let's get 4x4 crazy!!!! This is one of the most popular tours on the island... A Bora bora "must do" experience... Groups and families ok, or we can arrange custom trips for smaller parties.

Our local guides have years of experience with running interesting and informative 4x4 tours on Bora Bora. They'll show you all the most interesting off road spots of the island- in style, and in comfort. Slow but steady as she goes...

Circle island 4x4 tours of the island jump off the coastal road where normal vehicles can't dream of going... It's an experience you'll never forget. You'll visit the World War 2 canons, check out various spectacular panoramic viewpoints of the island, see ancient archeological maraes, etc...

Please see our website for all the details.

And the rest of the listings...

Maoha Nui Tours
B.P. 261, Vaitape 98 730 - Bora Bora
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 67.69.94, Mobile (689) 79.19.11
One four wheel drive vehicle capable of taking 8 passengers. Fun, informative tours of the backcountry of Bora bora with local guides.

Bora Bora Safari Land
B.P. 267, Vaitape 98 730 - Bora bora
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 67.71.32
Four 8 seater 4x4 vehicles/ Maximum 16 passengers.
4x4 excursions on Bora bora island. Discover the tropical flora and enjoy panoramic views. Visit historic sites left by the American military during World War 2. Learn about traditional Polynesian life. .

Fly over the lagoon...Parasailing

One sport people hear about but rarely get a chance to do is Parasailing. This is awesome!It's super fun to do and quite a thrill. All ages can do it.

The experience takes about 10 minutes and you'll get up to 600 feet above the water! You dont even have to know how to waterski or get your feet wet if you don't want to.

All you do is clip into the harness, and step onto the extra wide deck of the specialized towboat where you'll be taking off once the boat reaches a certain speed.

As the boat heads into the wind, the parachute cups over and you just start to fly, fly, fly...

When you're soaring, you'll have the most amazing view of the lagoon, but you may be too amazed at your flying abilities to really enjoy it. This is another adventure in Tahiti- Polynesia that you'll be sure to take home in your memories!

There is one place on Bora Bora to try this adventure:

Bora Bora Activity Center

Get all the details now!Located at Boutique "3 Tiki", Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36

Come and fly together on top of the most beautiful lagoon in the world and discover a symphony of colors and shades.

Bora Bora Parasail offers an incredible high flying adventure to an altitude of your choice! 100 meter flights are 15 minutes while a 300 meter flight takes 20 minutes...

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities".

Deep Sea Fishing

The waters off the coast of Bora bora in French Polynesia are rich in sealife and great for deep sea sportfishing. Many species of large gamefish can be found in the deep ocean outside of the lagoon, including Marlin, swordfish, giant tuna, wahoo, and others.

Here are a few companies that specialize in deep sea charters and sportfishing:

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Moana Adventure Tours

P.O. Box 220, Vaitape- Bora Bora, (Located in Pofai Bay)
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41, Mobile: (689) 78.27.37, Fax- (689) 67.61.26

E-MAIL & ReservationsCome visit our website!

Enjoy a half day fishing experience on our famous 17 foot Boston Whaler. Morning or afternoon, our expert captain will take you to the best fishing grounds outside the reef, trolling for jacks, wahoo, barracuda, mahi-mahi, bonito, yellow fin tuna and occasionally marlin ...

The calmer waters of the lagoon will also allow for some quiet light tackle hand line spinning and fishing near the barrier reef. Fly fishermen with their own equipment are also welcome.

In addition to these fishing trips, we also offer Classic glass bottom boat rides, shark & Ray watching snorkel safaris, picnics on a motu, and, for those of you that don't want to be mixed with the crowds, our exclusive private lagoon tours.

With MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS you will find the right activity to suit your budget.

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Luna Sea (Bora Bora Sportfishing)

Lets catch some big fish... Based out of Vaitape- Bora Bora  
E-MAIL & Reservations

Based on Borabora island, this boat can easily fish the neighboring islands of Tahaa, Raiatea, Huahine, Tupai, and Maupiti. 

"LUNA SEA" is a no-nonsense big game fishing boat (featuring the BLACK WATCH 34 ) built specifically for serious charter fishing in French Polynesian waters off the Leeward Society Islands. "LUNA SEA" is a "Fish Catching" Machine and has a great local reputation...

So if you want 1/2 day, Full day, Inter-Island, or Night fishing, book early to make sure you get the dates you want.

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Bora Bora Activity Center Try fishing Bora bora...

Located at Boutique "3 Tiki", Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36
Get all the details now!

Bora bora has some terrific fishing options available to the serious angler.

You can fish the famous lagoon or try your hand at the larger species offshore.

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities".

Shark & Ray WatchingShark feeding on Bora Bora

This activity is another of Bora bora's favorite activities with visitors.

It used to be known as "shark and ray feeding", because that is essentially what you will be doing- watching the magnificent animals feed.

There are many different ways of doing this, each particular to the experienced feeder's own style.

Most shark and ray feeding is done in shallow waters, with the viewers nearby at a safe distance utilizing snorkeling equipment.

Here is a list of companies who specialize in this thrilling but safe activity.

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Bora Bora Discovery

Let us show you Bora BoraB.P. 1209, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
E-MAIL & Reservations

Premium course around the Bora bora lagoon with a stopover in a secluded local restaurant on a motu with a swimming pool, shower, toilets, etc... "in water" picnic, shark watching and feeding, ray touching, snorkeling, swimming, learning about the island and much more. 6 hour tours- flexible schedules...

Your Japanese Connection on Bora BoraJAPANESE CONNECTION: (Click for Japanese website)

We are the only shark feeding/ ray touching tour with a Japanese guide on the island of Bora Bora.

Please see our website for all the details.

Moana Adventure Tours

The Sharks and Rays are Amazing!Located in Pofai Bay
B.P. 220, Vaitape- Bora Bora,
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41, Mobile: (689) 78.27.37, Fax- (689) 67.61.26

E-MAIL & Reservations

Definitely the most popular tour on the island, don't miss it! First activity provider on Bora Bora, we have 30 years of experience in organizing special snorkel trips including this unique snorkeling safari featuring shark & ray feeding and snorkeling in some of the best coral formations in the leeward islands.Come see our website

In addition to this tour we also schedule daily many other activities such as deep sea and lagoon fishing trips, picnics on a motu, glass bottom boat rides, and more. For those of you that don't want to be mixed with the crowds we also offer exclusive private lagoon tours.

With MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS you will find the right activity to suit your budget.

Please see our website for all the details.

And the rest of the listings...

Shark Boy of Bora Bora
B.P. 119, Vaitape - Bora Bora
Telephone/ fax- (689) 67.78.59

Shark and ray feeding, snorkeling, and lagoon tours on Bora bora island.

Matira Tours
B.P. 118, Vaitape - Bora Bora
Mobile Telephone- (689) 23.55.78, Fax- (689) 67.70.97

Original sharkfeeder Ioane Tinorua wants to take you on a wonderful tour of the Bora bora lagoon, including touring the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora with a shark and ray feeding experience, exploring the coral reef, and multiple snorkeling and swimming stops. Visit our TST webpage for more details.

Hiking & Climbing

Mt. Otemanu photo credit: EriQ.'s Photostream : Click to see more!Day hiking on the island of Bora bora is wonderful, but semi-limited due to the fact that the island is relatively small. The trail system is good, but easily experienced in only a day or two of non-strenous hiking.

The real challenges on this island are in climbing the steep mountains of the interior. If they look steep and forbodding from the bay or your hotel, it's because they are!

Mt. Otemanu photo credit: EriQ.'s Photostream : Click to see more!The mountains Pahia and Otemanu (Bora Bora's highest point) are incredible destinations and challenges for the experienced and serious hiker.

These cliffs are notorious for their difficult and unpredictable climbing conditions due to loose and crumbling rock, hard to find trails, and steepness.

There are only a handful of experienced individuals on the island capable of leading the adventurous to the magical interior - and it's great news for you that they make their climbing passion their business.

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Bora Bora Activity Center

Book a hiking tour of Bora bora...Located at Boutique "3 Tiki", Vaitape - Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36
Get all the details now!

On this very special excursion, you'll walk in the valley of kings as you discover the heart and rugged beauty of this famous island.

Our experienced guide will explain to you all about the many Bora Bora legends and myths and colorful Polynesian history here going back for centuries... Along the way, he will also show you and identify the amazing variety of the tropical flora you will encounter, and lots more!

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities".

Polynesia Island Tours
B.P. 1245, Vaitape 98730 - Bora Bora
Mobile Telephone- (689) 29.66.60
Several options on the Leeward islands. 1/2 and full day: themes, family, sporting, trekking, packages, and private tours.

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Ask questions, get advice, meet people, be crazy!

It's fun, easy, and informative!

This is a fun trip on Bora bora!
Interesting and informative 4x4 tours of Bora Bora...

Groups and families ok, or we can arrange smaller parties...


Check out our website to get all the details


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Bora Bora is the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.

Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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