This is Cool!

Here's something you can't see or do anywhere else in French Polynesia:
Visit a unique "waterpark" located off a private Motu in the heart of Bora Bora's famous lagoon-

It's the one and only Tahitian owned and operated BORA EXOTIC LAGOONARIUM!

Families are welcome!WHAT is a "LAGOONARIUM"?
A "lagoonarium" is an outdoor aquarium or fishpark that specializes in displaying the fish and marine life of a lagoon. There are only 2 LAGOONARIUMS in all of French Polynesia. One is in Tahiti, and the other is here on Bora Bora. Our lagoonarium is the largest of the 2 lagoonariums by far and the most well known. One of the reasons for this is because our lagoonarium is the ONLY one where you actually can JOIN IN AND SWIM AROUND WITH THE CREATURES IN THE WATER! In fact, you are encouraged to do so and it promises to be the highlight of your day!

You'll get a snorkel and mask and be able to "socialize" with the amazing creatures of the Bora bora lagoon!  Accompanying you in the Lagoonarium are our well trained guides. They will show you the best way to see and touch the animals that you've seen and heard so much about.
Get personal with a batray!

You don't have to know how to scuba dive to be able to enjoy this amazing experience! Fun and safe for all ages, families and people from all walks of life appreciate the Lagoonarium as one of the most fascinating places you can visit in French Polynesia!

WHAT will we SEE?
With the exception of Manta Rays and Humpback whales, (Illegal to have in captivity), most of the native creatures of the lagoon are represented in our Lagoonarium! Here, you will be able to INTERACT with all the creatures you've heard so much about and seen pictures of!
      Turtles, sharks, rays and many different kinds of lagoon and open ocean fish swim about freely in our large, enclosed, shallow marine park, and our experienced guides (family members of the Tahitian owned Lagoonarium itself), will show you how to get up close and personal! It's all very safe... All the creatures in the Lagoonarium are well fed and used to human interaction.

An amazing experience!SHARK and RAY FEEDING EXHIBITIONS
One of our specialties is our SHARK and RAY FEEDING exhibitions... Our knowledgeable guides are experts in the behavior of these magnificent creatures and demonstrate their skills with DAILY feeding exhibitions. You will be able to witness close up the actual feeding of sharks and various species of rays. This is an incredible experience you won't forget!

WHAT ELSE can we do at the LAGOONARIUM?

A visit to the BORA EXOTIC LAGOONARIUM is more than just spending time at our famous underwater fishpark!  We have a whole range of accompanying activities on our combination tours! You have 3 basic choices, depending on your time limitations:
Trained sharks?... Well, sort of...
1) FULL DAY "Combination Tour" (from 8:45am- 3:30pm) combines:
*Several quality hours at the LAGOONARIUM, where you can explore at your own leisure the wonderful creatures of the lagoon, with a special SHARK & RAY FEEDING EXHIBITION highlight in the afternoon put on by our own experts. 
*A comprehensive full circle island tour of Bora bora on our special outrigger canoes.
*Great Bar-b-que Picnic on our own privately owned Motu. Tasty fish and chicken dishes, local Polynesian fruits and juices and more. (non alchoholic) 
*A special visit to the Bora Bora Coral Gardens for snorkeling fun! 

2) 1/2 DAY "Combination Tour" - (Mornings only: from 8:45am- 12:30pm) combines:
*A few quality hours at the LAGOONARIUM, exploring, swimming, playing, and learning.
*A condensed circle island tour of the Bora Bora on our special outrigger canoes.
*A special visit to the Bora Bora Coral Gardens for snorkeling fun! 

3) 1/2 DAY Visit (Afternoon only: from 1:00pm- 3:45pm):
*A few quality hours at the LAGOONARIUM, exploring, swimming, playing, and learning.

**** TOUR PRICING ****

FULL DAY TOUR- $9500 xpf/ per person.
1/2 DAY (MORNING ONLY) CONDENSED TOUR- $7250 xpf/ per person.
$6200 xpf/ per person

(see conversion chart for international equivalents)

KIDS DISCOUNT!- Children between the ages of 3-10 years old get in 1/2 price! Easy Savings

 EZ Print our Coupon to save
10% off these prices.
(coupon cannot be used with other discounts)

or, if you're staying at our PENSION, you can receive a 20% discount off above pricing! (Please be sure and remind us about it on your booking...)

Come stay with us!
While on Bora Bora island, why not come stay with us at our comfortable and affordable Pension LAGOONARIUM?

Mid-range bungalows, rooms, and a dormitory located on the shoreline of the Bora bora lagoon. We're conveniently located near the Club Med Bora bora, many restaurants, and shops and stores. Our pension is a comfortable and affordable alternative to most of Bora Bora's high prices alternatives!


When on Bora Bora, contact us to say bonjour, book a tour, room, or ask questions.

TELEPHONE (689) 67.71.34, FAX (689) 67.60.29, or...

We don't do email, but feel free to "snailmail" us at BP 56, Vaitape, Bora Bora- Polynesie Francaise

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