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Bora bora shuttle to the main island!

Enjoy your first island views as you transfer
from theairport motu to BoraBora on
comfortable shuttle boats- provided at no extra charge!

Because of it's popularity as a tourist destination, Bora Bora Island is quite easily accessable to travelers.

As with all other Islands of French Polynesia, unless you own your own yacht, you must begin your journey by getting to the capital city of Papeete in Tahiti first.

This webpage is designed to help you design and layout your travel plans to and from Bora Bora.

Examine the available options below to you for getting to Bora Bora Island, traveling around once you're there, and then leaving the island or continuing on to other islands.

Contact the airlines, charter services, and businesses direct and make the decisions yourself by using the information below as your guide or consult our TRAVEL AGENT.

Setil Aeroports


To get to the island of Bora Bora, (unless you have your own yacht), you must first arrive to the capital city of Papeete on the main island of Tahiti- Nui in French Polynesia.

The airport there is called the Tahiti-Faaa International Airport. Click here for airport details and amenities.

International airlines regulary scheduling flights to Papeete:

You'll most likely need to get to a good sized city or a Tahiti flight "hub" to fly direct to Papeete on these airlines. Los Angeles is probably the biggest and most commonly used airhub or stopover used by all these airlines. E-mail them or call to see if they can offer you the connections you need, or consult with our travel agent.


Charter air services regularly scheduling flights to Bora Bora:

Air Tahiti websiteAIR TAHITI
Main office is in Tahiti Faaa Airport, P.O. Box 314, Papeete- TAHITI
General Manager: Marcel GALENO, Telephone Standard: (689) 86.40.00,
RESERVATIONS: (689) 86.42.42
, or fax (689) 86.40.69, Moorea Office: (689) 56.10.34
Fleet: 5 ATR72's (capacity 66), and 3 ATR42's (capacity 48)


Air Tahiti flies to 39 Polynesian islands including all Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, and Australs. Scheduled flights or charter flights available. Contact Air Tahiti direct for exact information regarding questions, flight details, and reserving or purchasing tickets.

AIR MOOREA (Private Charter Flights)
Main office in Papeete, TAHITI
Telephone (689) 86.41.41 , Fax (689) 86.42.99
Fleet: 2 Twin Otters, 3 Britten Normans, 1 Dornier

AIR ARCHIPELS (Private Charter Flights)
P.O. Box 6019 Faaa- TAHITI
Tel. (689)81.30.30, Fax (689)86.42.69,
Contact: Mr. Francois MARTIN
Fleet: 1 Conquest 2, 1 Beechcraft B2

Polynesia HelicopteresBY HELICOPTER

These birds are the ultimate island hoppers! The ONLY helicopter service in French Polynesia providing inter-island travel and flightseeing is Polynesia Helicopteres (formerly known as Heli-Inter).

This company has been doing business in French Polynesia for years and caters to the more... shall we say... "influental" of travelers.

TST says "If you can afford it, go for it!"

Based out of the Tahiti- Faa'a International Airport

Flights upon request to ALL Polynesian destinations, specializing in the Society Islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, Tupai and the Marquesan island of Nuku Hiva.
P.O. Box 6109- 98 702, Faaa- TAHITI
Tahiti Contact: Mr. Marc KOSKA, Tel.(689) 54.87.20, Fax (689) 54.87.21

BY SEAGetting to Bora bora from the other islands

Besides for the major cruiselines, (see the Cruiselines & Island Charters page for details), there are a handful of large seacraft that make regular (or semi regular) trips to Bora bora island from various points in French Polynesia.

Most run out of Papeete, but not all... (To get to Bora Bora from OTHER islands, read the details of that islands "getting here" page)

The boats and ferries listed below run schedules to Bora Bora from Tahiti and other islands on fairly thin intervals, making for difficult vacation planning, if that is what you're trying to do.

To avoid dissapointment, TST recommends going down to the ferry quay of the island you are on and checking in person with the individual companies to see their current schedules and running times. If you happen to be there when a vessel fitting your schedule is there, take advantage of the moment and go for it, but don't try to plan your vacation around a particular island ferry or other vessel and certainly don't rely on their schedules to make an important international flight connection.

Large Seacraft regularly scheduling trips Bora Bora, and beyond:

Motu Uta, Fare-Ute, Papeete- TAHITI, (P.O. Box 9 062 Motu-Uta, Papeete-TAHITI)
Telephone- (689) 41.25.35, Fax- (689) 41.24.34,
Contact: Mr.Wilfrid TETUAMANUHIRI
Max. Capacity: 90 passengers on deck.12 cabins with 2 berths, 2cabins with 3 berths, 1 private cabin, toilet and air conditioning.
3 Weekly voyages, Restaurant on Board.
Note: Passengers are accepted on board ship in cabin only for Wednesday voyage from Papeete.

*Office hours on Bora Bora- (see note below)

Contact: Mr. PAQUIER
12 passengers in double cabins - 20 passengers on deck.
2 trips a week- Departing Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from Papeete.
Consult with the ticketing office for schedules
running out of Bora Bora

MAUPITI EXPRESS (c/o Tahaa Transport Services)
P.O.Box 612- 98 730 Vaitape- BORA BORA, Telephone- (689) 67.66.69/ 78.27.22, Fax- (689) 67.66.69, Contact: Mr. Gerald SACHET
44 foot aluminum shuttle boat. Max. capacity inside lagoon: 82 passengers, deep water: 62 passengers.
Multiple voyages weekly to MAUPITI, Tahaa, and Raiatea. Schedule changes, so its best to consult with the ticketing office for current schedule times running out of Bora Bora!

details coming soon...


You can purchase tickets for the above transport boats (*with the exception of the MAUPITI EXPRESS), at the Fare Piti Quay located approximately 3 km from Vaitape.Ticketing booth hours are open from 9-12:00 am, Monday- Friday only. Note that these booth hours are subject to irregular schedule changes so be sure and call or consult with your hotel or pension first before heading for the quay.

tickets can only be purchased at the Vaitape Quay in the mornings of operation (5 days a week) roughly between the hours 7:00- 8:30 am. Your hotel or pension may be able to help you with more specific ticketing hours if you have problems.

Because of the constantly changing routes of operation, running times, schedule, hours, prices, it is impossible for us to be accurate with particular company schedules and running times. (If we tried that, we'd often be wrong, that's why we don't try...)

The best way to deal with these constant changes is to remain flexible in your ferry or boating plans and check in person at the docks in Papeete or Bora bora when you're there. Also, always give yourself an extra day cushion when it comes to making important international flight connections.

Access to Bora Bora and surrounding Islands can also be achieved via various sailing and private boat charters: See our special SAILING & BOAT CHARTERS section for details.


When you first arrive to Bora Bora by plane: You won't be arriving on the main island. The airport is located on an outer Motu called Motu Mute. Transportation to Bora Bora's main island is then provided (free of charge) by launch, crossing the lagoon to Vaitape Village or directly to the hotel dock and ferry quay.

Le' Truck- Bora Bora
Le' Truck- A little different on
Bora Bora - (SEE note below)
From there, Taxi boats from various hotels provide the service of taking you directly to your hotel or private lodging if you've pre- arranged your stay with them.

When you first arrive to Bora Bora by boat:
Depending on what boat you've chosen, you will arrive at one of 2 quay (boat dock) choices: The Vaitape quay in downtown Vaitape, or the Fare Piti quay approximately 3 km's from Vaitape. In either case, various shuttles will be available to you to take you to your hotel, pension, or other destination on Bora Bora for a minimal fee.

For those of you who've not already pre-arranged your stay, your choices for getting around Bora Bora are limited: Le' Truck runs, but is very limited (see note below) and the local minibuses generally won't pick you up unless you're staying with them. If you can catch them when they're stopped and smile a lot, you may convince them to take you to where you're going, but they simply aren't reliable.

Local Taxi service is another option, and quite good, but may be a bit weighty on your budget for regular daily island travel.

(that provides you the most freedom), is to rent a car, scooter, bicycle, or walk. Hitchhiking isn't really a good option. (see note below for details).

Some places that provide rentals are listed below, however ALL hotels, and most Pensions will be able to do the arranging for you. (Depending on your chosen accomodations, some will charge a nominal fee for this service). For most, this is the easiest and fastest way to get your rental going. For those penny pinchers and self arrangers, you may save a buck or two, but you'll definately have to work for it.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: On Bora Bora, Le' Truck service operates a bit differently than on the other islands. Although it does run between the quays in Vaitape and Faanui and each district, sometimes it's reliability as a mainstay of local transportation isn't as good on this island as on the others. Le Truck only runs in conjunction with the ferry schedules and school hours.

YOUR flight or boat arrival times to BoraBora may not come close to these rather difficult to find schedules. You may find yourself waiting on the quay or on the side of the road looking for a truck that may never come. Pay heed. The best way is to ask your hotel or pension about the Truck schedules once you've arrived.

RENTAL CARS, Scooters, & Bicycles

Renting cars on Bora Bora is a rather good deal in comparison with your other options for travel on the island. Not to be outdone on this island, as with all other Polynesian islands, the ever present EUROPCAR is here, along with a few other local businesses listed below.

They all are fairly competitive with the others as far as price goes, so it's really a matter of where you end up locationwise or who has available cars on the day you need them as to which one you will choose. All of the places listed below who rent cars also rent motorscooters by the day, or by the week.


A great way to experience the island is from your scooter or bicycle. The scooters are quick. The bicycles are usually in decent shape. A relatively flat, good quality, paved road circling the entire island make these forms of transportation probably the best combination of price versus functionality on Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Activity Center

Get all the details now!Located at Boutique "3 Tiki", Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36

If you can afford the luxury, renting a car on the island of Bora bora gives you certain freedoms that really help you experience all there is to see and do. A little spendy, the payoff of being able to drive around the island and stop wherever you want to, whenever you want, for as long as you want is well worth it. (for those on a tight budget, consider renting scooters for half the price.)

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities"

Vaitape Quay, P.O. Box 246 - 98 730 Vaitape - BORABORA
Tel. (689) 67.70.15/ 67.70.03, Fax (689) 67.79.95
Vaitape, P.O. Box 99 Vaitape - BORABORA
Tel. (689) 67.70.31, Fax (689) 67.62.07
A general pricing guide is the same on Bora Bora as with the other islands: Fiat "Pandas", or other low grade cars without air conditioning begin around US $ 65-75.00/day, and go on up to around US $ 100.00 - 150.00/day for the more lavish cars w /air. Hondas, Peugots, and Toyotas are among the local favorites.

TST Comment:
Depending on the season, availability of rental cars can be an issue. Even in the "off" season, it is a good idea to pre arrange a rental car before landing on the island if you can. Your hotel can do this for you if you remind them to do so when you book your room, or you can make the arrangements yourself by calling ahead. In most cases, a car will be available to you, but don't take that for granted, as you may end up looking at a scooter as your next best option...


There are a few places on Bora Bora island to rent small boats.Rent a powerboat on Bora bora. These boats are a great way to enjoy the peacefulness of the lagoon on a nice relaxing afternoon. No licenses are required for the pedal boats or the smaller horsepower rated powerboats.

Bora Bora Activity Center

Get all the details now!Located at Boutique "3 Tiki", Vaitape- Bora bora
Telephone- (689) 21.69.36

Having some form of transportation on Bora bora is really helpful. Scooters and bicycles are a less costly alternative to renting a car, and we can help you arrange a rental.

Its fun to ride around the island with the wind blowing in your hair!

"Local Experts Booking All Your Bora Bora Island Activities"

Located at the beach club Bora Bora Hotel, PO. Box 196- 98 730 Vaitape, BORA BORA
Contact: Mr. & Mrs. Rene and Magy TROUILHET, Telephone- (689) 67.60.61, Fax- (689) 67.61.01
RENTING 6 AND 15 HP MOTORBOATS for day rentals. Also, 1/2 and full day lagoon excursions, snorkeling, motu picnics


Water taxi services are important and quite handy on Bora bora. They claim to take you to any spot on the island you need to go... Hotel transfers, last minute airport shuttle rides, recreational areas, etc.

Located at Pofai Bay- BoraBora, (P.O. Box 220, Vaitape- BORA BORA)
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41 / 67.75.97, Fax- (689) 67.61.26
3 - 17 foot Boston Whalers available for airport transfers, island destinations. We also do lagoon fishing and tours, glass bottom boat,etc.


Local Taxi service is great for convenience and is quite good, however can be a bit weighty on your budget for regular daily island travel. Listings are below. Call first or meet them at the quays.

Based in Vaitape, P.O. Box 25- 98 730 Vaitape- BORA BORA
Telephone- (689) 67.72.25, Fax - (689) 67.72.52,
Maximum 4 passengers by taxi, 9 Passengers by mini bus

Based in Vaitape, P.O. Box 486-98730 Vaitape- BORA BORA
Telephone- (689) 67.64.37
Minibus transportation around Bora bora. Maximum 8 passengers.

(Note that you will sometimes see small vans or minibuses cruising around you but not stopping if you try and flag them down... this is because they belong to the hotels they represent, and really are not taxis. If you can catch them when they're stopped and smile a lot, you may convince them to take you to where you're going, but they simply aren't reliable taxi service.)


Walking around on Bora Bora island is quite lovely. You may not end up walking around the entire island (as it has over 20 km of island encompassing road), but you will definately enjoy walking around and exploring the area you are staying in by foot.

This is the best way to meet locals and really see and appreciate the relaxed lifestyle of the islanders. Walking is also one of best ways to appreciate the beauty of BoraBora.
Not only will you be able to stare in awe at your surroundings, but nobody will be hurrying or distracting you either. This is also the time to pull out your camera and get the best shots of your trip. Bring a daypack and make a full or 1/2 day out of it. If you pack a towel and a snorkel, you can also "dip when necessary" along the way!


Every traveler knows how, or has had an experience with hitchhiking. For fairly small, enclosed islands such as BoraBora, the danger factor, (every hitchhikers most important concern) is rather low.

Unfortunately, this form of travel on Bora Bora isn't really a good option. The problem is you will RARELY, if ever, be picked up! On this island, as well as Moorea and Tahiti, if you plan on making this form of travel you're # 1 mode of transportation, you may end up walking a healthy distance before realizing the truth: the smaller and more remote islands in French Polynesia offer the hitchhiker much better possibilities for covering distance than the most heavily touristed.

Perhaps if you are a ravishingly beautiful girl traveling alone you may be able to entice the locals to pull over by displaying a little leg or other body part... but all others forget it! The drivers will simply ignore you. Whether this is a French thing, or possibly a Tahitian phenomenon, is unknown, but the point to remember is: hitching rides on Bora Bora is tough!

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Bora Bora is the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.

Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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